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Your Guide to Caring for your Panty Collection

Red-lace bikinis embellished with frosted crystals, royal blue lacy thong, and dark red berry tanga. What is your panty collection?

You’re undergarments embrace you 24/7 and 365 days per year that makes it all more necessary to take care of them that usually get at the short end of the stick. We love our panty collections, and so do you. You must be indulging with some of your panties and have heaps of sports panties, boy shorts, and some pricier delights as well. But how much care and attention do you give to this special collection of yours?

Risk of Inappropriate Care

We all wish to have a drawer full of classic panties decorated with silky ribbons and intricate laces with dollops of beautiful color stain. But do not get surprised if your favorite pair of silky bikinis gets torn after their trip to the dryer or getting washed in the same load as of hiking shorts. The delicate piece of fabric will definitely see the worst end of this torturous treatment. To keep your panties fresh and delicate we come up with few tips to take care of your panty collection.

Recommended Washing Approach for Panty Collection

Let's start with the number of time you wash your undergarments. The answer must not be after every use and if it is then duh! It depends on how much panties you have on rotation. Then take a look at the tag of the panties to see the instruction regarding laundry care to ensure the appropriate way of washing. If you are unable to comprehend the minuscule writing then try to understand the little infographic, it will help.


Fill the tub with luke warm or cool water then soak your panties from 35 minutes to an hour. Make sure the water is not too warm as it will result in breaking down of elastic in your panties and they may shrink. After soaking add detergent in small quantity about a tablespoon and gently rub to remove any stains or spots.


Look for a mild detergent designed for undergarments to wash your panties. A washing machine detergent is never recommended in any way as it contains bleach that will act too harsh for the elastic. Look for a non-toxic detergent that takes care of the fabric of your panties. The products free from dyes, synthetic fragrances and phosphates are best to use on your lingerie.


Only rinse your panty collection when the water has cooled down and runs clear. Keep on rinsing until all hints of suds are removed.  


Do not twist you boy shorts or wring them. Instead, wrap them in the towel and gently dry. Place your wet panty over a towel and put another soft towel over panty to remove excess water. Never through your panties in a drier. It saves time but makes the life of your panties too short.

The final tip is regarding the shelf life of your panties. If you have six panties, then replace them after 18 months if the cup size is still the same. Enjoy collecting and wearing your favorite piece of clothing. Chao!

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