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Why do some women&schoolgirls like to wear white panties

Panties or underwear are an essential part of ladies dressing. There are different types of panties available in market or online,but it’s a commonly observed that most of the schoolgirls and women wear white undies. There are various reasons school girls give for preferring white panties on the colored ones.

Usually, schools have white uniform and white panties can match well with the uniform. Professional ladies also choose white underpants as white color casts a professional impact and doesn’t grab the attention of the viewers. Many people consider white panties boring and dull as compared to colored panties and terms it the best for work places where your intention is not to look sexy, but professional.


Panties should be neat and clean to prevent germs and infections. Dirty panties cause allergies, rashes, and infections. White panties can tell you when they need to be washed off. On the other hand, colored panties keep absorbing sweat and dirt but make it difficult to judge when you should change it until they produce significant smell.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, mindset and tradition are also two major reasons of wearing white underwear. White is the first color that comes into the mind when you think about undergarments.

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