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When Should Baby Begin to Wear Underwear?

There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing your little baby growing like a flower from a small bud. Parents are like God, you may forget what they said, but it is not easy to forget the final formation of a person. Parenting is a challenge to teach your kids best of the manners, behavior and prepare him for a better tomorrow.


As kids grow, parents shopping list expands; besides the regular clothing such as tops, jeans, shoes, pants, you need to modify diapers to briefs, panties, and closecret kids underwear.    

Undergarments are an important part of the dress; they should be in good comfortable material and must be stylish enough to go with your baby’s day to day outfit.

Let’s have a look at 3 basic reasons that why and when should kids start wearing underwear.



You need to make sure your newborn baby’s body is well covered especially the middle parts because at initial stages their blood circulation is not developed and they can’t tell how they feel. Babies have a weak immune system and they can’t fight bacteria and viruses in the early age that is another reason why they need extra layering of clothes from the very beginning.


On the other hand, underwear stops babies touching their genitals repeatedly that may be affected by bacteria. Closecret baby underwear also reduces the friction caused by different kind of fabrics to the delicate skin of babies. Underwear also save babies and toddlers from catching cold weather, parents must incorporate these healthy habits in kids at earlier stages.



A transition from Baby to Toddler

It’s a big step to shift your baby from diaper to underwear; you need to look for cues of acceptability from the kid for this transition.


Your kid might be using potty seat occasionally but for a complete shift to underwear, you need to take small steps. Wait for them to show the willingness to pee and poop by their self, once you know they are ready, try underwear at home and then outside in few trips.


After a little while, they may tell you their self that they don’t want diapers anymore. Whoa, what a sigh of relief, your kid is now big enough to run for his needs.


Keep privates, private

Just as you have talked to your kid about road safety, it’s time to talk to them about their modesty too. You need to teach them that how underwear covers their private parts and no one must be allowed to touch them under the undergarments.


Be it a girl or boy; introduce them to bad touch and which body parts are not allowed to touch even by a family member except parents or doctors in some cases. Parents may avoid sexual abuse by guiding and keeping their kids dressed up with proper coverage the time.  


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