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Wash your delicate separately to protect them as they protect you

Be grateful to the laundry basket, it is the symbol of your near ones presence at home.

A beautiful house is not only filled with people but their love towards each other; Coffee and ketchup spill during sibling fight is a usual thing until you are the one who has to take care of Laundry. In almost all households, a large basket is used to contain dirty clothes of everyone before it goes for washing.

Though detergents claimed that clothes will come out like new, it all depends on the type of cloth and washing procedure it went through.

If you think that washing all clothes together including undergarments is a non-issue and all you want is cleanliness, you need to re-think.  Despite the fact that, clothes are supposed to be clean visually and hygienically, both of them are never same.

In fact; underwear, face napkins, and towel carry more bacteria than a shirt or skirt. Washing underwear with any other household is a big NO because they carry bacteria that will transfer to your daily wear clothes and may harm you.

There are a number of reasons for that, you need to wash your Closecret panties and Closecret underwear separate from other clothes.


1.    Temperature difference

Most of us never bother to look at temperatures at washers. These automatic have machines made us lazy to even care about our expensive and delicate clothing. One simply doesn't care about the temperature to wash clothes to kill germs. You must know that our underwear needs a separate wash in hot water; you cannot just wash them in cold water with other clothes. Hot water sanitizes the infected underwear from all kind of potential bacteria.


2.    Unhygienic practice

Research provides that undergarments may have visible or invisible signs of poop, that is very minimum in quantity but it can spread 100 million E. coli into the water during washing. When we mix all clothes together, these germs reach out to all other pieces of clothing during washing.


3.    Save babies from infection

It is more of a problem when you have babies and old people in the family because their immune system is weak and they can’t fight disease as quick as youngsters. In such cases, it is recommended to wash clothes at right temperature of water i.e. 60 degree Celsius.


4.    Delicate clothing

Underwear requires special attention, careless washing and drying will reduce their elasticity and durability.

There are a number of tips to take care of your special garments, see below

-    Remove stains from closecret panties before washing by applying detergent

-    Wash your delicate closecret underwear by hand

-    Do not twist them, as this may misshape them; squeeze water out

-    Use mesh bags for lace bras, always hook your bras before washing so they don't stick in each other.



Washing Closecret panties and Closecret underwear independently is one major step that safeguards your garments from bacteria. On the other hand, clothes must also be dried in sunlight to avoid any extra bacteria if remaining.

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