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How to Store Bras and Lingerie the Right Way?

Ever wanted to straighten out that tangled bundle of hooks, straps and mixed fabrics galore? Well, opening a drawer full of organized bras and lingerie is no longer a dream with these simple tips and tricks from us at Closecret. 

We’re giving you the right kind of inspiration this season so that you can enjoy life’s littlest pleasures every morning. And in this case, it’s all related to a tidy bliss comprising of your bras, lingerie, boyshorts, assorted panties, etc. Let’s take a look.


Drawer organizers are a prized possession

Searching for ways on how to get your lingerie and bra organization skills on point? Look no further as the perfect drawer organizer can work to store all your undergarments in a mere number of seconds. A great tip when buying is to search for an organizer that not only makes it simple to view what’s on the inside but also grab both your pieces in an instant.


Line them up the right way

Lining up your bras in a standard fashion row technique, in your drawers can really turn things around. This method is fabulous for those who are a little shy on space, yet love having everything within close proximity too.


Create your own bra rack creation

Who said being organized had to be boring. Get those creative juices flowing and indulge upon a simple DIY bra rack creation in no time.

Gather a series of fabric covered hangers and link them together in a vertical chain direction. This should be performed on the backside of the closet door. Once that’s done, place a single bra on each hanger in a facing forward direction so that they’re clearly visible and in perfect shape too.


Sports Bras should be folded

Instead of haphazardly tossing your sports bra into your cupboard your drawer, show some respect for lingerie that works the hardest for you by folding every piece in a neat and tidy manner. These can then be simply placed into your drawer’s organizer. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference that makes.


Hang them using simple shower rings

This DIY hanger for your bras is so epic and simple at the same time. All you need is a single hanger and some spare shower rings and voila, you’ve got a masterpiece organizer right up your alley. Now simply hang each bra neatly onto the shower ring and you’re done!


Utilize old shoe boxes as dividers to gain up on some free space

Not enough room in your drawer to store your lingerie? Don’t break a sweat as old shoe boxes can be converted into drawer dividers to help ensure your lingerie stays in place. It’s also so much easier to grab what you need instead of disrupting the whole pile at once. This technique is ideal for situations where you’ve got limited space and not a whole lot of stock to store.


Lingerie positioning goes a long way so be careful

The way you choose to store your bra and lingerie can have long term consequences so be mindful! Folding panties and thongs may be termed alright but regular bras should never be folded in half as this can affect their padding as well as their molding. The ideal technique is to lay your bras flat to avoid significant damage being done.


7 seamless techniques to store all your Closecret lingerie, bras, and panties in the shortest time and minimum cost possible are what we’ve managed to provide. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Organize away and relish opening that personal drawer and closet every morning.

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