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How to Buy Potty Training Products

Every mother has been through the challenging and messy potty training phase. The ultimate test of motherhood, this tedious journey is one that requires a range of facilitators to help your toddler finally be independent of diapers. When it comes to potty training products, any mother can get confused about what to invest in. Let’s walk you through some of the available options so you can decide which one works best for you according to your needs.


Potty chairs

Potty chairs the initial step because children often find toilets to be quite scary. They are compact, portable and easy to clean making it very convenient for the parent to manipulate. There is a wide variety of designs in the market to choose from. Perhaps the only downside to them is their urgent need to be cleaned after every use. For children of ages 1 and above, potty chairs work best.


Potty seats

After using the potty chair for certain period of time, the child is ready for a potty seat that fits over the average toilet seat effectively managing to make the opening of the toilet smaller making your toddler feel less anxious about the huge gaping hole underneath. You will find foldable ones that are great for travelling, ones with padding for more comfort, etcetera; ideal for children of ages 2 and above.


Portable potties

Portable potties are designed for travel. These lightweight items can be easily carried in the trunk of your stroller or your luggage because they can be folded into a very compact size. When it comes to portable potties, some serve the dual function of potty seats as well. Portable potties must be something you should invest in from the start because you never know when you are traveling if your child must go and these come in handy especially if there are no public toilets around.


Step stools

Another necessary item are step stools because children have tiny legs which makes it difficult for them to climb up to the toilet seat and then come down without the help of an elder. Step stools can also be used to aid a child with handwashing, toothbrushing etc. These generally come with a textured, skid resistant base that prevents a child from slipping, etc.


Training pants

Much like diapers, training pants are designed to enable your child to manipulate independently. The disposable ones are to be worn once and then discarded whereas the ones made with cloth can be rewashed and reused. Training pants have been subject to much debate because of the additional cost as well as their tendency to prolong the potty-training period but those who do believe in it, swear by it. Whenever you feel like you are ready to potty train your child, you can invest in Closecret Kids Underwear.

Potty-training is not an easy task and is very demanding of one’s attention. Employ these aids to help you out. It is worth it. To start your kid’s potty training, buy Closecret Kids underwear for a hassle-free process. 

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