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How To Keep Your Lingerie Coordinated

An irresistible yet a compulsory urge of buying happiness is witnessing the newest and most elegant collection at Closecret. You might be out shopping and you see yourself standing in front a row of lingerie shop but alas, they don’t match your taste of comfort. Where do you go now? When buying lingerie, never get tired of scrolling because it keeps getting better with time. At Closecret, lingerie is all about the essence of feminine beauty brought together in delicate fabrics playing with soft, caressing colors. A huge number of women depend on Closecret for making their body feel lavish. The question arises that exactly how many times does a woman actually goes for lingerie shopping and next, how do they keep their lingerie coordinated for their daily style, satisfaction and comfort?

We have brought you Top 4 best ways to keep your lingerie coordinated:

1. Match the underlying theme: You don’t have a matching lingerie set? No worries! Go through your collection of lingerie and see whether you have bras and panties with the same underlying theme. If they have the same color combination, but different patterns, match them up. A polka printed bra with denim panty will give you a funky, chick look. Pair your floral, tropical bottoms with a plain colored bra to make a prominent and enhanced look. Choose a retro combination and rock black and white zebra stripes with either plain black or striped black and white panties.

2. Go for contrasts: You don’t like matching tops and bottoms? Well that’s perfectly okay. Experiment something with swapping colors, patterns and designs. Wear what nobody else has ever worn. It is not a rule to wear a lacy black panty with a lacy bra. Even if it is, break the rule. Wear bright yellow with black. Orange with chocolate brown. Blue with pink. Green with maroon. Play with combinations and break the mainstream codes.

3. Shop them together: Easiest way to tackle this issue is to buy both bras and panties at the same time from the same shop. Closecret offers you a wide variety of lingerie sets where you can choose what you like. You can either depend on the already made sets or you can make your own. Match a lacy bra with arousing panty and taddaa! You are all set to slay in the undies of your choice. Buying both from different shops or on different days might not give you the same touch of fabric or comfort. You might mismatch and be helpless later.

4. Do it your way: If nothing charms you, then create your own charm. Be the way you feel good. You don’t like swapping bold colors? Don’t. You don’t want to match those with same underlying theme? Don’t. Choose what you think you feel comfortable in. You may go for a completely nude color look one day and a breezy, tropical mood the other. Just do what lifts your mood.

With Closecret, there are no regrets, only beautiful body and lots of satisfaction!                                                       

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