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Everything you need to know about Jockstrap -The Best Athletic Supporter

Male athletes require special support during their sports sessions. For this purpose, a unique kind of undergarment is designed for them known as a jockstrap. It helps to prevent unnecessary wounds for men while performing their sports activities. The versatile elastic band obliges a wide assortment of waist sizes while cup size fluctuates for comfort.

This exceptional undergarment is designed for both men and boys that fit just like underwear that can be worn underneath undies or over undergarments. Picking the right size is same as choosing the briefs or boxers that you wish to be wearable and comfortable for drawn stretches of time.


Why Jockstrap?

If we look into the history of jockstraps a lot of lows and highs can be seen. This style of men undergarment is persistent itself and is all over the male population for many good reasons. Before few decades jockstrap was meant for athletes and men, who wish to protect and support their anatomy yet the scenario is changed entirely at present. The exposure has become the masculinity appeal, and men use this support in romantic evenings.


How to choose Jockstrap?

Closecret has a wide range of products that are best in sports activities as well as special times. Now the question arises how you would know which pair is right for you. To help you in this aspect let’s look into few important factors.



While making up mind for purchasing jockstrap which is revealing as well as supporting first, you need to consider the material. The comfort trait is totally dependent on the kind of fabric you pick. The list starts from cotton, nylon and goes all the way to polyamide and polyester. Focus on the fabric type that suits manhood sensitivity and decide.



Waist Size

Measuring your waistline is very important. If you wish to wear the jockstrap over underwear, then measure while wearing the boxers or brief. Use a flexible measuring tape and measure from the widest part of the waist.


Size Chart

Now match your waistline size with the jockstrap size charts. Small waists fall in between 26-32; medium size is 34-38 while large size goes around 40-44.


Cup Size

Normally the cup comes with the jockstrap yet if it is not included then you may buy it separately. Buy the cup depending on your manhood size and choose among large, medium and small.


Weather Conditions

It is a fact that all fabrics are not appropriate for each weather conditions. If you go against the weather, then you may get discomfort, infections, and rashes. Wool or lycra is for winters while cotton is for the summer season.  If your body goes easily with polyester, nylon or polyamide, then you can purchase them too.


Opt for Snug Fit

Just like you buy other undergarments, the same rule is applied with the jockstrap.  Jockstrap must be fit but not tight rather snug. Otherwise, it causes lots of itching around private parts which are pretty harmful.


Closecret Jockstrap

Closecret jockstraps are manufactured with breathable and flexible fabric that expands in all directions which ensures superior and optimal comfort.The waistband has a soft touch with a comfortable fit while the cup produces excellent support and lift.  



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