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Do You Match Your Panties to Your Skirt?

The recent American tour by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton seems to be causing quite a stir when it comes to all questions beauty and of course fashion related. From hair overplaying actions to striking a pose, this time the royal stunner made head waves with something we term as quite personal or intimate: Do you supposedly match your undies to the skirt you’re flaunting?

Thanks to the good old Canadian wind, the princess wasn’t spared as her dress flew up and revealed a little of her underneath. It’s her nude hued tights that didn’t give away much, making it seem as if she had on nothing at all! Well we guess the only ones in the right position to solve the mystery are the Canadian soldiers present at the rear end of her highness.

And if that’s not enough, let us at Closecret get down and dirty into answering the age old question.


Under those fancy fit and flare dresses

Don’t we all love flaunting those gorgeous and ever so fabulous fit and flare dresses? That’s undoubtedly a true statement but what goes beneath it all is a question worth pondering upon.

Fit and flare dresses can at times be a bit more revealing than your actual liking and that means enhanced coverage is surely a point worth considering when it comes to panties.

Choose from our exclusive range of Closecret Boyshorts so that your rear end is fully covered. And when it comes to color, opt for skin toned hues for white colored dresses while the rest can be matched to your captivating attire.


Under sexy and sleek tight dresses

Some nights call for some added hotness and when you’re ringing in the fire brigade with your look, then choosing the perfect pair of undies makes absolute sense.

At Closecret, it’s all about sexy and comfortable undergarments all the way. Choose from a stellar range of Closecret panties and G-strings. They’re your best bet at avoiding those not so pretty panty lines and bumps from showing on the outside. Whether you choose to go vibrant with reds and pinks or prefer to stay true to nude and muted tones, the choice is all yours.


Under sophisticated and delicate attire

Whether you’ve been invited for evening tea or plan on hosting your own dinner party, elegant attire is the call of the day, not to mention the right pair of underwear to go with it.

Delicate fabric outfits such as lace skirts and pleated dresses scream for panties that give you clean lines and help to keep everything in place. We’re talking high waisted goodness from Closecret’s panty collection.

These not only give you the right confidence when socializing throughout the evening, they may double as shapewear with flawless finishes too.


There you have it, the right kind of panty inspiration from Closecret to get you through any dress or skirt attire seamlessly. Who knew underwear shopping could be so much fun and thought provoking at the same time? 

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