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Closecret Kids Series Soft Cotton Baby Panties Little Girls' Assorted Briefs

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of these. I was expecting thin and with a cheap waist band, but these are surprisingly substantial and the elastic waist band is just the right mix between sturdy and comfy. Doesn't ride too low like a lot of my daughter's other underwear, but not so high that it's hugging her belly button. I have a very small 5 year old (40.5" and 32 lbs), and the 5-6 fit her perfectly. If you have an "average" kid definitely go for a full size bigger, and a larger kid needs at least two sizes bigger. If your kid has a lot of junk in their trunk these might not be the best fit, as while the backside is sufficient for my kid, some backside-blessed kids might have trouble with wedgies.

These got the kid stamp of approval with way more excitement than is warranted for underwear. Was told they were "super comfortable" and were "almost as good as my favorite underwear" (the super pricey, but admittedly super amazing Hannah Andersson brand...these are less thick, but still a world better than the character underwear sold at the big box stores). Don't hesitate to try these!

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