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Buy Closecret Period Panties For a Comfy Time in those Days

It is a fact that menstrual cycle is a miserable monthly episode of our life. It is one essential part of life which hardly a woman on earth look forward to. We believe you must have ventured into the not-so-fun world of menstrual cups and cloth pads yet there is one essential element absent from your hygiene repertoire: period panties.

When you will get to know how they work you will definitely wonder why on earth you have not heard of them before. They are super famous in Asian countries. Period panties save tons of towels, clothing items and sheets and the best thing about them is that they are not ugly.


Why are they different?

This is a usual perception that period proof underwear is one of those black granny panties that see the daylight only one week a month. However, period panties of closecret are so much more than this.

You can wear them instead of tampon or pad as they provide fantastic leak-proof protection. Moreover, these panties come with a kangaroo pocket where you can place a heating pad to prevent period cramping. They make you more contented, and you get a peace of mind as compared to a regular pair of panties.

Types of Period Panties

Let’s talk about some period proof underwear brands that Closecret is offering to their worthy customers.


Customized according to flow

This company strives to change the way we look at menses.  Closecret Comfort Cotton Stretch Bikini is made to wear on lighter period days and holds up to ½ tampon worth of blood. You may also wear them as regular undies as they are not disposable. Four sheets of fabric which are designed to absorb moisture is used on the inner side of underwear. The layers include leak-resistant, absorbent, anti-microbial and moisture –wicking. They will keep you odor free and dry for longer durations.



You will stay dry due to extra protection panty lining in the crotch area of this underwear. This undie needs to be used as a backup with other period products like tampon or pad. It gets truly fit when it comes to size, and you will feel like a pair of swimsuit bottoms due to the heft and material. The Stretch Hipster does a solid job in the heavy days of your period. Closecret has all sizes and colors of Cotton Stretch Hipster so feel free to buy few for your upcoming period date.


Panty Prop

Apparently, they look like a pair of Spanx and fell like the same but do great. They are kind of built-in pockets of the pad to keep it in place. Spend your period days without the fear of pad falling out or slipping off due to its intelligent design. You will not face any leaks yet wearing a pad is a must with it. Get it from closecret in all regular sizes and colors.


Black Period Shorts

Love these cute little shorts! They are ideal for heavy flow days and designed to prevent the wearer from any stains. You will not face any leakage whether it is inner, back or front of your thigh. Get a pair from closecret at a reasonable price.


We at Closecret provide you reliable, comfortable and stylish period underwear variety to match with your flow and style needs. 

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