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Are you wearing the right underwear for your shape?

Experts reveal the perfect lingerie to streamline your figure!

The perfect silhouette is so achievable now! All you need is a set of undergarments that goes perfectly with your shape. Yes! Isn’t it easy?

We know you are aware of the significance of wearing the right size and type of bra. Doesn’t matter if you are apple figure or have a sensational hourglass silhouette, the perfect choice of bra is crucial to achieve the perfect silhouette. Same is the case with the undies. A stylish women makes sure she has everything chic starting from her lipstick to her clothes and then right underwear.

Personal Style and Underwear

There is a difference between a stylish lady and being fashionable. Fashionable is the one who is led by the nose while stylish is the one who makes a style statement through appearance. It is important you know what suits and fits your figure while having knowledge of how clothes work on your body. Always remember the time invested on buying the perfect underwear is the time well spent. Closecret present you a wide range of lingerie that makes your world ideal. It makes the phenomenon of ordering everything online and never going to shop again so real.

Which Body type are you?

Whether you refer it as booty, rear, rump or fanny we all know that every one of us has different type of shapes. If you are not aware of the perfect underwear for your body then here is a detailed guide of how to choose just the right lingerie that helps in streamlining your figure. There are four basic butt types most of us flatter and there is one type of underwear that flatters us in our own way.

Square Butt

Let’s start with squares. This is one of the most common butt type that tends to be on the flattering side. Women having square butt have long torsos and there is no taper at waist. The objective is to create the square butt round which can be achieved by wearing boy shorts with thong cuts to accentuate a flattering look.

V-Shaped Butt

V-shaped means having no rear basically. This butt type is most common in older women who have lost their muscle tone and having less fullness at their base. They must try full bottoms shorties or bikinis so that volume is added at the right place.

A-Shaped Butt

The most coveted of butts is an A-shaped one. This butt creates an illusion of created by a small waistline going into larger one. Women having A-shape butts have more volume in their lower half that give their figure a perfect look if they go with high cut leg panties.

Round Butts

 Round rears have a fuller bottom that creates roundness. The round butts’ bearers have volume on the top side. Tangas and thongs look most cheeky here help in achieving a flattering look. If you are looking for more coverage then go for bikinis, briefs and Brazilian cuts.

Follow our trips and tricks in finding the best underwear for your body type however the most important factor is to be confident in what you wear.



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